Yin & Yang/Fire & Water


This summer has been record-breaking and on my Midsummer Reflection note on Facebook I shared some ways to incorporate Spokane’s fire season in your Litha ritual. To further explore fire energy we can turn to seeking out balance with Yin and Yang.

In the book The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine by Simon Y. Mills, there is a chapter about Therapeutics from an herbalists’ approach and Mills describes Yin and Yang as water and fire, respectively. In addition, he describes Yang energy as periods in the year with activity and Yin with periods of inactivity. If we have too much of one thing it makes sense to balance the energy in our lives out. If we have too much activity, in this case active heat, how do we balance nature with inactivity?

Paganism is possibly the most accepting of science out of several religions but we still have a spiritual edge. Through the use of meditation and connecting to the Earth we can send our quiet, calm energy to aid in healing our region.

So how do we make it rain? It is suppose to cool down within a fortnight and some meteorologists predict rain. There is much we can do to encourage the climate; making rain-sticks with paper towel rolls or empty cans or jars and some beans; rain chants; and rain dances.

In Starhawk’s The Earth Path she includes a Water Trance that sends you on a journey through the stages of a droplet of water. I highly recommend looking for the book at the library or one of the following places I will list below. Water in Wicca is often associated with Autumn, West, dusk, and emotional and psychic energy.

Discussion Questions:

When is the last time you let yourself get emotional?

Are there relationships in your life (including to yourself) that could use more Trust (often associated with psychic energy)?

What does water energy mean to you?

What aspects of your life could use Water?

How will you contribute energy to our drought?

Finding Pagan Books in Spokane

  • Second Look Books
  • Auntie’s Bookstore
  • Hastings
  • Spokane Public Library


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