30 Minutes at Lincoln Park

Quick notes before we begin: This may take longer than 30 minutes your first try. This involves climbing up a hill. This can be done, and altered for any season, as Lincoln Park is spectacularly different based on the season. Also, it is best to either read and retain this or print it off before you go.

As we are into a cooler week with the potential for storms this Friday, July 17th, I decided to write out this meditative trance to be done at Lincoln Park on the South Hill. This trance is once again inspired by duality and the idea of two worlds. As with any spell, ritual, or guided meditation please adapt it to fit your needs. This is not a ritual because I did not write into it the invoking of deity or elementals, but it is highly encouraged that you do so. There is nothing like walking along side a deity. Please comment below if you would like me to include invocations or Quarter Calling in future posts (especially, if you are a novice witch who would like help).

Lincoln Park is beautiful, and fun for families. When my nephew was 10 and my niece 7, I remember them begging me to find them a park with a swing-set, and I did! But I made them work for it by driving to upper Lincoln and making them walk down to the playground (which is the reverse of the following guided meditation). I wanted them to experience both kinds of nature; the one where man wields it and the other nature absent of man.

Beginning at Lower Lincoln on 17th avenue there is a trail/road if you head South across the playground. As I did not include invocations I will go ahead and include the process of grounding oneself. If you are an experienced witch skip ahead, if not read on!

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath (as you breathe, toss your thoughts, your materialist life, your emotions, everything into the winds and just allow yourself to be in the moment), feeling your tummy rise, followed by your chest and exhale. Feel roots coming out of your feet and weaving themselves into the soil and down into the depths of Earth. Another deep, cleansing breath to allow the roots time to get settled. Finally, one more breath and as you do this one, raise your arms up in a stretch feeling your branches touch the sky.

As you walk to the previously mentioned trail, take in the manicured, well-tended lawn. Take in the swings, children’s playground, but also take in any local fauna. Do you hear any birds chirping? Maybe you hear some neighborhood dogs. Possibly if you look closely at the large towering trees you can see some squirrel families. Where in your life do you need tending? Appreciate the squirrels and the birds going about merrily despite human interference. Appreciate the co-existence.

Now if you are facing South on the trail, to your right the path goes up. This is the beginning of a little climb. If you brought children along there are lots of rock faces to check out and the opportunity to keep in touch with Fae. Many a gnome, sylph, and dwarvish energy lingers on the little hike to Upper Lincoln. As you walk notice how the lawns and playgrounds fade away and you are left with bushes and trees and large beautiful rocks. Lincoln Park is covered in basalt, a result of lava once traveling through thousands of years ago. Appreciate a moment in your life where hot-fire energy once extinguished to reveal a cool, beautiful moment in a relationship, or with yourself.

Aside from the rocks there are several ferns dotting the landscape and metaphysically represent water energy. Though there was a period of fire, water energy still grows and prospers. If walking becomes a little tiring focus on how you feel. Your body is moving, working, focus on your breathing and oxygen or let your mind drift and relax.

Once you’ve arrived at the top you will see a crossroads. You can go right, left (of course you can turn around also, and if you do skip ahead). It doesn’t really matter which way you go because you have arrived at a circle. A truly magical shape. If you are adventurous toss out what I’m about to say and walk around it three times and create a massive ritual circle and invoke the gods of Valhalla (or which ever pantheon you prefer). Ahem. So. To the right you’ll be going deosil if you go left you’ll be going widdershins. For the sake of this meditation, go right. Now, you’ll be approaching a spectacular view. If you do this at night (as I have done) you’ll be in for quite a treat. The view of Spokane is lovely and you truly feel above the world.

Allow yourself to enjoy that power and that feeling. Now is the only time in this journey I will have in the instructions to rest a moment. This is the moment to appreciate yourself, your body, your power. You just climbed a hill and now you can take a moment to thank yourself and your body for getting you here. Realize that you have power, and you have value. Give thanks to yourself. Continue, and as you walk on your right you will start to see a pond. There will be a clearing with access to get closer and on your right you’ll notice an improvised path, which I encourage you to take. Here, nature has taken over without the aid of man, though if you see some littering (please, pick it up if you can) use it as a reminder that man is never truly absent from nature. Appreciate and admire the difference in beauty, the grasses and trees that grow without sprinklers. Every now and then you can see some beautiful creatures, like large herons, ducks, or geese.

Where in your life do you need to release control and go wild? As you continue you’ll see the road again, follow it. Follow it back down. This is time for you. Think whatever you like, relax, enjoy returning the human world again. Sometimes you’ll hear children laughing and playing as you walk down. Once you are back down facing the lawn again, take those three breathes again this time releasing your roots, feeling your branches return to your body, and mind fill with the thoughts of human life. Blessed be.


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