A Better Kind of Buzz

Bees are incredible creatures whose pollinating skills grant us the bountiful gifts of food and flora. Spiritual leaders like Starhawk, often site bees as a source of magickal power. It is said that beeswax candles are superior because they are the result of several creatures putting their energy and power into the same goal; something most covens strive for in their spell- and ritual work.

There are several ways to tap into bee energy:

1) Adding honey to your tea or oatmeal. This sweetener is sited by some alternative medicine practitioners as a throat soother and it tastes delicious.

2) A bee meditation. How often do you sit a safe distance away from bees to admire their hard work and reflect on areas of your life you could use some of that energy?

3) Using beeswax candles in spells.

Many concerns with interacting and creating safe havens for bees include children and pets. Proper training and fencing with animal companions are good solutions but often animals are aware and avoid bees. With children I have found it is more traumatic to impose your fears on the child then to explain the nature of bees.

Real-life example:

My 8 year old nephew wanted me to make lavender-lemonade but rather then put in the request first he decided to take initiative and go down to my lavender plants by himself to pick the flowers. When he was little I taught him to ask permission from flowers before picking them out of respect; I happened to spot him doing this during mid-morning when the bush is practically full of bumble bees. Rather than running and screaming, I called him in my excited Hey-I-Have-A-Special-Treat-Waiting-For-You-If-You-Hurry voice! Thank the gods I had a bit of fruit salad close by. It wasn’t the most exciting reward, but it didn’t break the trust of my voice. As he ate some fruit I explained bee nature.

This is an excellent opportunity to describe hardworking bees, the dance and rhythm you get when you are working a project, the sacrifice of death a bee chooses when feeling threatened or scared. Bees above several other species we co-exist with are an incredible tale and lesson about the circle of life and an opportunity for a career-parent to open up to their child about careers and work.


Source: Fix.com


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