The Power of Air and Earth

I can’t imagine what it would be like to stand next to Zeus on Mt. Olympus and admire Mother Gaia’s embrace around Earth below. We may not have a Mount with the same sacredness of Olympus, but here in Spokane we do have opportunities for a climb and a view.

This year I have been commenting on and sharing fire and water themes and after trying out a new show called Skin Wars, wherein a challenge was created using the Ying and Yang theme and contestants chose to do Fire and Water, I realized maybe it’s time to give the other elemental duality of air and earth some love.

Air is the masculine element of intellect, Spring, dawn/first light and associated with the Words have Power lesson. Earth is the feminine element of fortitude, Winter, midnight, and associated with the Silence is Power lesson. In the Great Wheel, Earth precedes Air; midnight, the new day comes before the first kiss of sunlight; Winter’s silence precedes the chatter of Spring just as Fire precedes Water.

Places in Spokane to get a view:

Any of these places will aid in a climb and a view. Why does this matter; what’s the point?

Where fire and water get broken down into activity and inactivity, air and earth often represent the duality of language and spoken word and silence. The Words have Power lesson is to be aware in spell working and ritual, of the meaning of your words. Are the words you are using correct, and conveying your truth? Example: How often do you say, “I hate this! I love this! __ is perfect!” Does that convey your truth or a half-truth? Do you truly hate it or are you frustrated by one aspect of it. Maybe it makes you sad, maybe it challenges part of you that is ignorant and needs awakening. Do you truly love ___ or are there are other aspects that make you joyful, confuse you, etc. Try to think about how to be honest with words.

The other aspect is Earth. Silence is power. Raven Grimassi says it best in his Hidden Path oracle deck with the Tree in ___ cards. A tree in Fall, for example, doesn’t lament the loss of its leaves. Trees keep silent accepting the world around them for what it is. There are places in our life where we can use the lesson of Air to convey our truths to others and places in our lives where meditation and silence can not only benefit ourselves and our connection to other planes but it can also strengthen our relationships with others. Often the sound of silence is just the thing to aid a friend in need of love or support. Sometimes listening ear mends a hurting heart.

Remember that sometimes we can hurt others by forgetting that words, even pure truths, can hurt the feelings of others. We must consider this and decide whether it is worth it or not. Sometimes it is worth hurting the feelings of others to be honest. Unfortunately a new cultural fad called “ghosting” (when you completely ignore, and give the silent treatment to people you don’t want in your life) has created a new defense mechanism.

As you climb up Minnehahas many rocks or traverse down the winding trails and paths just off of High Drive, open your ears and listen to the world around you. Birds chirping, trees listening. Where do you fit? Once you are standing high above the beautiful world below feel yourself rooted in Gaia, with your heart open to Zeus. Feel the power of the winds, sylphs carrying seeds, laughing as they float along, gnomes and dwarves busying themselves under the great rocks and root systems. The cycle of life moving ever onwards.

Gaia, thank you for providing a beautiful planet
complete with trees for fortitude,
food and water for survival,
and creatures to share with.
Zeus, thank you for providing a beautiful sky
showcasing galaxies far and wide,
clouds bearing rain or dragons,
and thunder and lightening.
Mother and son, aid me in protecting my family
by knowing when to keep silent,
like the great Yggdrasil,
and when to make my voice heard
like Fenrir’s howl in the winds.
Blessed be.



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