Introducing Blogger, Wytcher!


This blog post introduces Wytcher, a local Spokane crystal witch who has been an admin for our Facebook page, and who will now contribute blog posts to our website.

The Importance of Centering and Grounding

by Wytcher 

A trend I have noticed over the years, with every collection of witches I have encountered, is a loss in connection to the Earth, as well as the Goddess, as their years grow in their craft. This is plain to see from, their circle dynamic, to how they perform their craft. This article isn’t about the fine tuning that’s needed, but more or less, the need to return and practice the basics on a regular basis.

Like the title of the article implies, I am discussing the importance of centering and grounding. Pick up any book on witchcraft or paganism in today’s stores, and you will find a whole section about centering and grounding; usually near the front of the book. This can create a problem for novice witches if grounding and centering is isolated in one chapter, and not reiterated in the proceeding spells and rituals. If not reminded while learning and honing their skills, the novice can forget to ground and center, and forget its importance. Much of what I have read over the years touches on the skill briefly before moving on; diminishing the impact of forgetting to ground and center.

Connect the idea that taking moments out of your day to focus your energy into grounding and centering brings relaxation into your craft. Grounding your body, and connecting with the earth, is a process designed to slow your heart rate and be more aware of how your body connects with everything around it. Centering applies Focus toward your desired goal with your craft. Both of these things are necessary to ensure the success of any craft done by you. The more centered and grounded the better foundation you have made for your craft to flourish.

Think about a time in your life when you were out of balance with yourself. Think about how stress seemed to come in through your pores, like open windows or doors, to your house that stands as your body. How boundaries seemed blurry, and disjointed, making your work load increase and fall apart. What did you need to reestablish your foundation? Rest and relaxation? Perspective? Well, those elements are found each and every time you ground and center yourself, before and after, performing craft based activities. Speaking from experience, it improves many areas in your life, too.

Grounding and Centering regularly, can help you focus on how you distribute your time and effort more effectively, keeping you aware of changes going on within your body, keeping your stress in perspective, as well as providing insights from your surroundings that affect your decision making skills, and that are geared toward your career choices. These are just a few examples of the importance of keeping a level head. As witches, we often get swept up in the mysticism, forgetting the reality of the impacts we make, or leave in our wake. Understanding the self should still remain a topic for discussion within your craft, but unless you make the time to ground the frantic happenings of life, and center on what is important, our craft will lose its strength.

Making time to ground and center is a lot like making time in your schedule for another lifestyle, like working out, or taking an extra class. It can be difficult at first, but worth it in the end, for the results you are after. It is necessary to allow your craft and your life to move along side one another in harmony, but the bridge that connects them, is meditation. Grounding and centering usually turns into meditation. One could argue that they are one in the same.


The AIS, American Institute of Stress, wrote an article back in 2012 about the effects of the “Relaxation Response” as part of a collection of systems to encourage us, to be aware of the mind and body in our day to day lives. In the article, “Take a Deep Breath,” it lists the effects of making time to breathe deeply, take quiet time, and to exercise on a regular basis (Marksberry). Studies by the AIS have shown that your metabolism will decrease, your Blood Pressure will too and levels of nitric oxide, chemical mood elevator compound found in the blood, will increase.


Marksberry, Kelley. “Take a Deep Breath.” The American Institute of Stress. N.p., 10 Aug. 2011. Web. 05 July 2016.

First photo, Benefits of Meditation, courtesy of Google search.

Additional Reading

Wilson, Lawrence. “KEEPING YOUR FEED GROUNDED.” KEEPING YOUR FEED GROUNDED. L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc., Feb. 2016. Web. 05 July 2016.


 Wytcher has been practicing within the community of Paganism/Wicca since 2008 and has been apart of the craft since 1998. Wytcher’s focus within Magick is around crystal magick and its applications with healing but is not limited to just this. Areas of magick known well include and are not limited to: Divination, healing, dream interpretation, scrying, journeying, ceremony and more. Wytcher is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church as of June 15, 2016.

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  1. Kory A Wilson says:

    Well done. Thank you for all the positive mentions and thorough introduction. I am pleased to write what I can when I can. ~Wytcher


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