Warrior Maiden: A Journey

Part One: Intention


On October first I went to the Renaissance Faire with my brothers. I remember eating a turkey leg that was full of incredible flavor, feeling like a complete badass when I got the hang of archery and held a beautiful hawk (which often represents omens). I didn’t fully realize it but when I told my wife about my adventures she smiled and said, “Weren’t you going to go on a Warrior journey? Maybe this is day one.” We all need people in our lives to point out the obvious when we’re too blind to see it.

My name is Elizabeth Shaw. I am a High Priestess in my eclectic coven of Witchcraft. I am 25 years old, and I am married to a woman who shall remain nameless to respect her wishes and privacy. My intention is to ready my mind, body, and spiritual self (soul) for the transition into the Mother phase of life. I will be carrying, and we will be using my wife’s eggs. I have a plan of how I want all of this to go, but I also know from several sources that overplanning often leads to disappointment and that nothing is certain when it comes to pregnancy and/or labor. I do, however, want to live on this planet as healthfully as possible, I want to live in such a way that I feel I am walking-the-walk within my own religion, and I want to pass on these values to the life I will be bringing into this world. That means working out because I am physically weak, and that means finding a diet (not a losing weight diet, a food life plan) that is realistic and promotes health.

Enter: Warrior Maiden, sometimes known as the Huntress. Goddesses associated with this phase of life include, but are not limited to, Artemis, Athena, Freya, Brigid, and Kali.

This phase is about readying for battle and though I am not going to war, I want my body to be fit and prepared for whatever life throws at me and my child. As a Witch I love myself so that I may love others, I trust myself so that I may trust others. That, to me, means eating foods that enable my body to function correctly and trusting myself to do so. That means strengthing my muscles so that they can help my joints, and other parts of my body function better (at the very least will help my aging body transition to Crone).

Being a Warrior is not just about physical strength and health, but also your mental state of being. I will be going to therapy in the upcoming months because I know within myself that I have a lot to work through.

Lastly, my spiritual self. My wife was a division one athlete and is a physical therapist. Those are not things we have in common, in fact, I still have to suppress my inner-Gothy Witch defense mechanisms. However, as we shared philosophies and spiritual practices I realized Witches and athletes have a lot in common. We both use what athletes call “creative visualization” which is when you hold a goal or intention in your mind, maybe using a picture or Sigil to focus on and give power to so that you can draw this intention to you. We also both love ourselves some chanting and let’s not forget affirmations. I’m excited to explore raising energy and chanting within a workout. I’m also looking forward to yoga, something I haven’t done in a long time, and my meditations are suffering without.

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy this journey with me. Comment below with questions, suggestions, etc.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Woods Wizard says:

    I always giggle about eating a bird indigenous to the New World at a Ren Faire. But yeah, roasted turkey legs are bad ass! Good luck with your journey and see you soon!


  2. Woods Wizard says:

    PS – love the cloak!


  3. Robin says:

    Congrats on your journey!

    “Maiden, warrior, mother and crone
    Flower, sword-blade, ivy and bone
    Help me make myself my own
    Maiden, warrior, mother and crone”


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