Warrior Maiden: Defense

Samhain is just around the corner and the veil is thinning. This is the iconic period in the Wheel of the Year when Pagans and non-Pagans are aware of Otherkin and the world of spirits. Ancestor magick can be found in several cultures around the world and often this aspect is positive; it’s an opportunity to grieve or celebrate one’s lineage. Such is life, however, that there is a Yin to the Yang, a negative to the positive, and that is in the form of spiritual and/or psychic attacks.

Practice and preparation are invaluable tools to preventing attacks. A healthy body will have an easier time preventing illness than an already unhealthy body. Also: we’re all different! Please adjust these tools to fit your needs and your abilities. (Also: Pagans are contentious beings. We like to debate and argue, especially about technicalities like wards versus shields, I’m defining them and other terms as I have understood them. Also: If you are in an emergency situation call 911. Okay, I think that’s enough disclaimers.)

Home Banishing and Cleansing. It is best to have two people for this ritual because it will go much faster and the more energy contributing to the banishing the better. You will need a salt and water mixture, a bundle of sage, and matches or a lighter. You can add essential oil (I use patchouli because it’s by far my favorite protection against everything!). One person could have the bundle and the other the water/salt mixture. Before you begin, establish a chant based on your needs. If you want protection but also to encourage hearth and home fires maybe invoke Hestia to keep a watchful eye is the way to go. Begin inside. This should be approached floor by floor. I start on the bottom floor and work up because when banishing I want the energies to have a clear path out. A possible chant you can use is: Water, Earth, Fire and Air protect my home and those in my care. (You don’t have to make it rhyme. A friend had a mild haunting and the spirit was just the most annoying entity I think I’ve ever encountered and finally, I resulted to GET THE (expletive) OUT– it was effective). Just remember that intention is important. Are you banishing all otherness energy or just malevolence? On every wall, door, and window draw a Pentacle with the salt/water mixture and in the air in front of every wall make the sign of the Pentacle while saying your chant. Continue room by room until you have been in every room, touched every wall, on every floor. Then move outside. Repeat this process around the foundation of your home. Lastly, you can do this around your property. Go back inside to the center of your home and call on deity something like this, Goddess I invoke thee to bless and protect my home from those entities that carry malicious intent.

Fae Alliances. This is a little riskier but has the potential to work in your favor depending on the intention you chose in your home banishing. If you allowed for movement of spirits in your home (verbalizing you do not want harmful, negative energy but allow for neutral spirits or Fae) it is in your best interest to forge a healthy alliance with Fae and Otherkin. Cultivating a healthy alliance with the Fae in your area can aid protective magick. I have a small Fae offering in a corner of my house and outside in my garden.

Shields. There are countless ways to do this but here is one I developed recently that I have fallen in love with. I practice by sitting in a comfortable meditative position (lotus, usually) when I take a deep, measured breath (4 seconds) as I breathe in, I engage my kegel and I hold both breath and kegel at the same time (note: men, you can do this, too. Actually, you definitely should do this) engaging my core muscles. This is has been the most effective way for me to engage the core of being, and this is the goal. As you exhale imagine pushing that energy out visualizing your energy taking the form of a shield. This is the concept of projecting your shield, using your natural energy to form a protective barrier around you. With practice, this can be done naturally and with little effort, but practicing is how you continue to strengthen your shield. Once you have mastered projecting your shield you can add visualizations to it such as the mirror (reflecting negative energy back to sender). The options for this are endless.

Wards. Use the concept of making a shield but attach it to something (place or object) and requires you to draw up energy from the Earth for protection. This is like making your own amulet or safe space. When you cast a circle you are creating a ward. The difference between a ward and a shield is that a shield uses mostly your own energy while a ward is more of a mixture between your energy and elemental energy.

During a Psychic Attack:

First, determine the severity. Low energy, headaches, nervousness, paranoia can all be symptoms of mild psychic energy poaching. Psy-vampyres (whether conscious or unconscious) are often the culprits. Fortifying your shield should be enough but they need to be made aware of the situation and need to get help controlling themselves.
Severe attacks are complex. If you know the person, you have a lot of decisions to make about how much of a presence and influence they can have in your life. Most of the advice, in this case, are relationship based and sometimes require the same protocol as someone who is harassing or stalking you. Banish them, burn any items of theirs that you have, get them out of your life. If you feel a person attacking you (you have rapid heart rate, anxiety, paranoia, implanted thoughts, hostile or angry mood swings) here are some techniques you can use. If you know the person this will help direct the following techniques. If you do not know the person your athame will help with the direction, but you may also need the aid of a deity.

Breathing Fire. Prepare to project your shield but when you breathe in hold the image of fire in your mind. Take in the fire and hold it. When you exhale, exhale the fire and send it to the person attacking you. The severity of this depends on your relationship with the ThreeFold Law.

Mirror Shield. I mentioned this a little bit before, but when projecting your shield give it a mirror outside and intend it to be reflective of any negative energy.

Invocation. When in need call on deity. This past summer I was getting attacked after a spat with a neighbor family. I called on Hekate, requesting the aid of her and her Dragons and let me tell you it’s been nothing but peace since then.

I hope this was a helpful introductory lesson in protection. Please comment with suggestions, questions or anything else.

Blessed be.




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  1. My wife is interested in paganism and wants to learn more. I have been a shaman for ten years now, but don’t believe our dynamic is conducive to teaching her. Please contact me on fb messenger at chris.wg.3 or find me by name, Christopher Wilbert La Caze. I would like to discuss meeting times and a good teacher to set her up with. Thanks and blessed be!


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