A Ritual Inspired by January



January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior 
striding a shadowy steed of snow.
–  Edgar Fawcett

Spokanites have divided feelings about January. From how much we love and admire the month for its quiet reflective qualities and how the holidays are spent releasing us to return to who we are when not in the face of our family; to the hatred of the damn snow blocking the streets making everything more difficult than it needs to be. Maybe you celebrate with the rest of society and think that a new year brings about a chance to start over and find the new you.

Unknown to many is that this is the time of year dedicated to sluggish energy. You and others who are in-tune with your surroundings and the natural energy that fluctuates constantly in Spokane can tell you that if you are feeling Sluggish in January, you aren’t crazy or lazy. Instead, you are connected to the “Energy of January.”

The energy is coming from deep below the surface of the usual current you draw from. The energy is trying to guide you toward deeper thinking and self-reflection. Days are slowly gaining momentum so all available energy the Goddess can offer is being given to her growing Lord. Thus the energy you are seeking out is pooled a little deeper.

I like to think that January is a time of closing. It’s time to take a serious look into what is naturally coming to a close in your life. Be it a friendship or a place of work, something from the year previous needs you to close the chapter. You know what that is as you are reading this. Something nagging at the back of your mind that is begging for you to blow off the dust and give it a proper burial.

Assuming you agree with a natural law of the universe. Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. One could argue that the energy you give things is tied to those things. Example: I did a spell to encourage myself to pursue more with the community in an enriching way. That spell sits in my freezer and holds up a bunch of my energy because each time I think of it or see it I recharge it with thought and energy. Imagine if I were to release the spell because it’s done what I intended. All the energy I gave to the spell would be released back into the pool we all borrow our energy from. By doing this I would be closing that chapter of my life.

Here is a spell that I have constructed in honor of this very topic. Try it out if you are struggling with moving forward and can’t quite remember where you stored your energy.

An Incense of Release

*Do not do indoors or inhale any of the smoke from this ritual*

A spell to practice each and every time you have misplaced your magickal self in spells of winters past. This spell is best done when you feel the grip of stagnant energy closing in around you. The moment you feel trapped and unable to conjure up more energy.

What you will Need:

  • A Pinecone (Dry it in your home for a day or so first)
  • Red Ribbon
  • Marjoram from your spice cabinet
  • A limb from a Birch Tree
  • A Garnet stone
  • A white candle


  1. Do your pre-ritual warm up. Deep breathing, grounding and centering, focusing your intent on the spell’s purpose. Dressing the altar to receive the energy you are going to release. Meaning that it should be bare aside from what is necessary for the spell. Cast circle and place the Garnet in the center of the altar. A heat proof container is needed to burn the pinecone. ***A cast iron object is a great option.
  2. Pick up the marjoram and have the elements bless it. Repeat with each object. Then light the white candle. The candle symbolizes the January Snow and its blank canvas.
  3. Take the Ribbon and tie it to the pinecone as you recall every spell you did over the last year. Think of every fight you had with your faith. Remember each time you read cards, watched the smoke, listened to the wind, called of spirits, and conjured in any form. Notice the gaps in your memory. Take in the spans of time that make you feel like a bad practitioner for not doing more or too much. Place the pinecone on top of the Garnet.
  4. Now that the ribbon has tied all those memories and feelings and thoughts to the pinecone that symbolizes immortality eternal. Take the birch limb and light the end with enough to transfer it to the pinecone. After the pinecone is lit it will burn for a short while if dry.
  5. Take the Marjoram and whisper it to awaken the deep under current of primordial energy. As you sprinkle the marjoram over the pinecone the smoke will be the energy releasing from your past. Reflect quietly while it burns. Allow it to inspire you, remind you, and empower you again with energies transformed from the past self into the new self you are constantly creating.
  6. Thank the quarters and release the circle. Under the ash should be your Garnet. Take it as a symbol of your rebirth.


Koriandr Wilson, January 2017


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