Spokane Urban Magick


Growing up and listening to the stories of magical places filled with Fae and mystery. Or watching the media portray witches as powerful avatars of nature and nocturnal blessings. The point is that the magick we cast on a daily basis isn’t something always seen and felt by everyone. Sometimes it’s finding an oasis at your favorite tree in Grant Park that leans too much but feels like home for you.

Spokane and its outlying areas are littered with shallow wells and oases of spiritual power. You don’t always have to have moss covered pathways in hidden glens. You can have an alleyway downtown that at night whispers for you to walk down its concrete. Or a pond that has mysterious songs wafting off with the mist from the water at Lincoln Park on a late fall night.

Finding a connection to divine nature can disguise itself in this modern world. A courtyard could be turned into a sacred temple for ceremonies with the Goddess. Bridges crossing widely on the river could be a place to perform a Rite of Passage.

Look at the tools consecrated before the Gods. The Athame and Chalice or Censer and instead, a Cell Phone and Coffee Mug or a Tablet. Where the cell phone could have a sword for the wallpaper or a scepter bridging the gap between the aer and fyre representations. Your tablet could be as simple as your electronic grimoire collecting sigils of power to charge objects on its screen and more.

Creating an Urban Altar is a product of magickal and practical objects and sacred tools. Find a birdbath for example that you can have as an outside altar. It’s flat mostly (depending on which one you get) and can be used in the light of day with no one thinking anything of it. Hidden in plain sight.  You can fill it with water on Full moons thus creating moon water for blessing and other applications that you find your instincts guiding you to. Another option for an altar would be a park bench or standing wood burning stove used to cook food in parks. Focusing more on the wood burning stove, that is an excellent place to do bonfire or burning rituals in public places. *Comstock, Manito, Minnehaha, Friendship, High Bridge, People’s, and other parks have all of these things.

Here is a sample Ritual to try when the parks let people use the wood burning stoves come early summer.

A Warning Spell

Light a black candle and say the following during the guise of the dark moon:

“Dark mother you who calls the veil thin,

I am plagued by hints or harm and the taste of gin.

A son and daughter of a modern world pleads,

You to hold me back should my pain cause me to bleed.

My blood releases a spell of nightmares and misfortune

To those who cause my brothers and sisters torment sang with a bigots tune.”

Imagine your small light connecting with the park’s natural energy. This connection forms a bubble of protection surrounding all those you come to this place. Anyone affected by the spell will taste gin in their mouth should the warning be received. Bury the candle at spells end somewhere in the park that only you know and dig it up and repeat the spell each time you think it’s weakening.

Urban spirit guides and mentors are around every corner if you know where to look. Crows could be telling you to watch your decisions while a squirrel could be telling you to be frugal versus impulsive. Seeing police officers in an area shows that the area is protected and you are safe. Being near Churches could be symbols that your faith is still strong as you travel around town. The kindness of strangers could also be gestures from the cities’ energy reaching out to you. Being aware of these signs is beneficial to any witch.

Getting creative with urban magick is the key to success with performing magick the way you need in the urban jungle we call home.


Final Recommendations:

Check out:

  • The west most rock formation with three trees in Grant Park is a great place in the summer to connect with the western guardians. Going to this place during a storm is something I cannot describe properly no matter the words offered. It is just something to experience. Spells of Manifestation work really well here.
  • Lincoln Park as a deep response to those sensitive to astral entities be them spirits or ghosts or however you identify. Same with eastern Upriver Drive along the river heading toward the valley. When thinking of craftwork to do in this place I suggest: Shapeshifting, invisibility, nocturnal craftwork, spirit work and really anything connecting you to the aer watch tower.
  • Downtown there aren’t many places in Riverfront Park exactly but the outlining parks throughout the downtown/courthouse/post street areas are filled with various spiritual activity
  • Try out Minnehaha Park for nocturnal craft and earthly energies. Climb to the top. It’s worth it. Besides that, I will suggest that you allow yourself to meditate at the top listening to the wind tell you secrets of magick and about yourself. I think it has other qualities but you should investigate them yourself. 😉
  • Check out People’s Park for connecting with the River. Understand before going out there that you cannot burn anything not designated for that purpose (use the appropriate locations safely)
  • Liberty Park has a bad reputation for attracting the wrong people but carry a protection charm and something to conceal your presence and no one will bother you there. Avoid it in the early summer just as a precaution. This place has a bunch of active restless vengeful spirits. Closer to Litha and Samhain the park is actually dangerous. Aside from that, the park has some lovely trails and a cave. So that makes it worth investigating. Also, a sickly ley line runs through there. Improving it may improve the quality of the park as a whole in my opinion.



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