Air ye, Air ye!

“[Drawing the Air Nomad symbol] Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns, and they found peace and freedom.  And they apparently had great senses of humor.
– Iroh, of the Fire Nation, Member of the White Lotus, Avatar: The Last Airbender


Though we are in the dead of winter, a time of Earth, I wanted to take a moment to express Aer. Mercury is in retrograde after all, and Aer happens to reside in a few basic qualities of communication, of thought, and of the mind.  Also, planetary influences say that Mercury is a planet of Aer so we are two for two.

Aer is an element that symbolizes much in our faith covering everything from communication, casting spells, and helping those not understanding you. Its energy is warm and humid taking from Fyre and Water; a fusion of emotional action with words as its vessel. Think about the last time you were unable to communicate what you were thinking and feeling in a way that was understood by those around you. Were they able to empathize with you? Understand how passionately you felt when expressing yourself? Did you get your point across without being hurtful to yourself or the ones listening?

During this time of retrograde, we should be speaking less and thinking more. A way to go about that is returning to your roots and practicing your fundamentals. An example of that is rereading and studying. Through invoking Aer as a guide or teacher we can find ways of communing with playful Fae who thrive in winter as they throw around cold wind and arctic chills.

When learning from one of the four cardinal directions, I find it easier to be in clothing that reminds me of what the element teaches. Freedom, thought, lofty daydreaming, a connection with prose, maybe even deep meaningful conversation with someone close to me. Think about and reflect on how you could be doing magickal things daily by simply changing your clothes to match your intention.

Being in or around the element will help you connect and reflect on how it makes you feel and think. I will use the example of being at a lake shoreline or walking the bank of a river. You find yourself thinking about your emotions and memories of past pain or elation. Water conjures up those things and thus being around the element also teaches you things about yourself.

Applying this Aer principal, we can assume that we are talking about being out in the freezing cold wind hoping to be inspired. Although that is not what I had in mind. You can light incense and watch the air currents in the room move and sway the smoke. Another way would be to use a humidifier that creates a small amount of steam. This rhythmic dance opens up channels of thought within your mind much the way meditation does through quiet reflection. Should incense not be an option you can also conjure the wind and watch it play with the snow. An old trick I learned when I was young was to whistle three times with an increase in duration each time. I was told that it excites the sylphs that play in the wind.

Staying too focused on things like work or school or a book you are writing or a person you are meeting and learning about can have a draining effect. Having reoccurring thoughts only halts your ability to learn which disconnects you from the element of Aer which can lead to side effects of saying things before thinking them through, saying the wrong thing, being unable to voice your stance on things and more. All of these things come from our sound chakra which is ruled by Aer.

When discussing ways to connect with this element is to call on certain deities to help you align your energies. I would call on Apollo a deity of healing and song, or Hermes a messenger god, or Ull the archer god of precision, or Thoth the deity of knowledge as its keeper. Each of these deities have a connection to Aer and its core principals. Leaving offerings for them by giving them to their messengers is a good way to gain favor. Dedicating rituals about their qualities are other examples to gain favor.

Some final thoughts to use as a quick reference when dealing with Aer are these:

  • Best time of day to connect with Aer is at Sunrise
  • Using aromatics such as peppermint or lemongrass in your spells, cooking, choice of house plants, and for yourself will help you do more
  • Understanding and expanding how you think and how you form opinions helps you become more in tune
  • “Knowledge is Power” can be keywords of power just as: To Know, To Learn, To Create, To Inspire
  • Being near high-up places and areas that are flat and expansive are great places to connect with Aer
  • Colors associated with the element: Whites, Greys, Light Blues, Pale Greens, and Yellows
  • Major Essential Oils and Herbs: Sage, Mints, Broom, Clover, Celery, Hops, Star Anise, Lilies, Jasmine, Goldenrod, and Mace
  • Crystals Associated with Aer: Blue Lace Agate, Tempest Stone, Straurolite, Citrine (although can be used for earth too), Sardonyx, Amethyst, Amazonite, and Aragonite


***Try everything on the back of your hand before using in cooking and inhalants/incenses. Wait a few hours and if you show signs of allergic reaction do not use. Everyone is a little different and can be allergic to things that make no sense.*** 


Remember to stay balanced throughout each of your elemental cycles this will help keep you in tune with the energies that be. You are a Pagan/Witch and each of us needs to return to the basics from time to time. I hope that you found some of these thoughts provoking enough to do some research into the things that inspire you.

Blessed Be.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    why staurolite? Does it have something to do with how twinned crystals form a Celtic Cross?


    1. wytchercrystal says:

      Hey Rick,

      I was thinking about how to answer this in the way that makes sense to all and not just my understanding of the stone and its properties. When I was doing my elemental studies back during my initiation I was taught that learning to communicate with astral beings or elementals was through the use of Staurolite – a stone connected to the fae. Not exclusively by any standard, just a starting point. They would act as messengers, mentors and guides when attracted to the Fae-Star (another name I was told by my mentor for staurolite) and offered some honey and butter. I hope that helps answer the question.

      Koriandr ‘Wytcher’


      1. Rick says:

        Hey Kory, that would make sense, as another name for staurolite is fairy stone.


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