A Candle Magick Guide


There are two ways of Spreading Light: To be the Candle or the Mirror that reflects it.
Edith Wharton 

 Candle magick has been the most practiced craft form since anyone can recall. Usually, your mentor will tell you to start with this kind of magick and then move on to more challenging things. Well, let me be the first to tell you that you return to candle magick each and every time you go to cast. Lighting a white candle to give off light for the altar or to bring about purifying illumination for yourself. This magick is iconic to pagans/witches everywhere.

Let me share my wisdom on the subject. In my experience:

  • First: scry or divine with the perfect candle and intention in mind. Color, shape, design, characteristics, images, stands, and location of where it will burn when needed.
  • Second: blessing and consecration of this new tool or base for the spell. Enchantment of the spells intended purpose.
  • Third: Dressing the Candle. This is usually done with some kind of bath of herbs, ring of crystals, or passing through sacred burning smoke. Then ending by wrapping an enchanted ribbon or braided thread, sealing with three knots representing the Goddess, God, and you.
  • Fourth: An anointing of purpose and power. Using an essential oil to bring about empowering qualities of the candle. Sometimes based on color or scent of candle chosen. Another action common for this step is carving symbols/runes/personal power insignias and more.
  • Fifth: Purifying and blessing the stand, or throne, of the candle. Making sure that it can ground the energies conjured to the candle into the space it occupies.
  • Herbal/crystal/oil offering to the lip. Dressing the lip of the candle as offerings to gather Fae and spirits to bless the candle’s purpose.

Above is stating the proper practice for anyone using a candle for ceremony/ritual purpose. I believe this is all that is necessary but the trick that can be seen from this is quite simple.

It is all about the accessories for your candle.

Think about how you can dress the throne/stand in ways that cater to your intention. Say your candle is meant to attract god energy to it. Placing a ring of young stag antlers symbolizing the Horned One is a good example. Or a shot glass of Rum or Bourbon for Ares and Thor’s blessings. Using a leather braid for Hephaestus and Vulcan. A small vial of moon water or ocean water for Yemaya. Just to name a few.

Be it a simplistic opening the door way of magick it can also carry you through the years into your twilight. Think of creative ways to enhance or make special this kind of magick. In Candle Magic A Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals & Magical Paradigms by Phillip Cooper, he suggests turning one special candle into a sacred space. Anoint and center a candle with purpose, for after it is lit the light it casts becomes a barrier that keeps your magick secret and protected. A way to create a sacred space for those working 40 hours a week who live in apartments or places that prohibit the making of a large ritual space. You can light this candle when you have and hold a need to feel connected to your personal power that you well inside this bubble.

Some final thoughts would be to remind yourself the cast system and pressure surrounding mastering each form of magick in the years you have here is bullshit. Sorry for the word used but intended. You need to create the magick that screams from within you wishing you to manifest its potential. Being a Witch/Pagan allows you a few freedoms that I think we all forget from time to time. You are the one capable of creating and manifesting your desires. You were drawn like a moth to the candle light. You burn with a desire to make something happen. So do it.


Recommended Reading

Candle Magic A Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals & Magical Paradigms by Phillip Cooper



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