Honoring the Lord

I believe in the Cosmos. All of us are linked to the cosmos. Look at the Sun, if there is no Sun, then we cannot exist. Nature is my God. To me, Nature is sacred. Trees are my temples, & forests are my cathedrals. 
Mikhail Gorbachev


! This is when things can get a little dicey so stay with me. These thoughts are not to be taken as the one true way but are indeed my experience and findings throughout my days as a practitioner of the old and new ways of Paganism/Wicca. !

First, let us discuss the ‘God Element’ in Paganism and Wicca. The God, born of the Goddess on Winter Solstice or Yule, is the role of masculinity within the faith. A balancing opposition to the powerful Goddess’ feminine energy, which in my experience is quite dominating in our community. It is, after all, a Goddess Religion.

If you were to look at the symbol of the Yin-Yang you see the constant state of balance between Darkness (the Goddess) and Light (the God). Much is the same throughout our Akashi Element of Spirit. These two are swirling within each of us trying to gain ground somewhere in our lives when we least expect it. Think about the last time you were out of balance with those two halves of yourself, the masculine and feminine. You probably felt more manly or ladylike when this event occurred. You shouldn’t feel one way or the other when you are in balance. You should be able to move in and out of your Projective/Masculine side and Receptive/Feminine side with ease.

The theme of this article is to connect you with your Lordly or God Energy. One common way is to talk to your High Priest about the imbalance and he will guide you through this time. He would take you into a quiet room and conjure the God to present himself to you, thus receiving the energy needed to find balance. Usually through some form or ritual or Rite to deepen your connection with the Sun and his power. Should a High Priest not by available to you, you could try a ‘Drawing Down the Sun’ Rite.

Commonly in these Rites, a man is asked to call forth the Goddess into a woman. A form of connection between the sexes and their energies. This symbolic ritual awakens the Goddess energy within the woman who is acting as her vessel. When a man does it; it connects him directly with feminine energy showing him all the qualities of the Goddess in her glory. Everything else he feels that isn’t attached or apart of the Goddess before him is the God Element. He can now clearly identify the areas needing the most attention to bring him back to balance.

When connecting with God Energy one should practice things said in prayers and chants to their respective Gods. Example:

“Listen to the words of the Horned God,
The Guardian of all things Wild and Free, Keeper of the Gates of Death, whose Call all must answer:
‘I am the fire within your heart…
The yearning of your Soul.
I am the Hunter of Knowledge
And the Seeker of the Holy Quest;
I who stand in the darkness of light;
I am He whom you have called Death.
I am the Consort and Mate of Her we adore,
call forth to me…’”

~Wicca Dreamers~

You can take elements of this prose and decipher actions one can take to unify with this. “Hunter of Knowledge” could tell you to return to your studies and be sure of the things you know within. Find ways to solidify your craftwork in a way that others can study it too. “I am the fire within your heart…” is a nod to the element of fire centered around taking action and the physicality of magick. Take charge of your need to be physical by working out regularly, thinking about your nutrition, and remembering you are connected to nature which calls to you.

Coven Aspects:

  • Creating opportunities for your circle to go be in nature is a great way to connect with the God as a form of worship
  • Leaving offerings from your circle to wildlife who are his messengers
  • Drawing Down the Sun – Find “A Witches’ Bible The Complete Witches’ Handbook” by Janet and Stewart Farrar for a great template for this ritual
  • Take moments during ritual to have the male members of the circle, or the females who are aligned currently with masculine energy, to form a cone of power dedicated with God Energy
  • Have your acting High Priest bless members with God Energy
  • Change which God to invoke in ceremony to match your needs allowing the God Energy to remain fresh

Solitary Aspects:

  • Perform God invocations skyclad
  • Have a Stag or other masculine focused totems on your altar to call forth God Energy
  • Turn Workouts into moments to commune with the Lordly Energy (Ask him to be your spotter – haha)
  • Try to Invoke Lordly Energy into your being while you practice



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