Merry Meet: Daemon

I am 29 years old. I would refer to myself as a Nocturnal Witch and Gpysy but my magick is beyond definition or labels. I have lived in Spokane all my life.
I have been out as a gay male for 11 years. Coming out was traumatic but also a relief. I came out to my mom in the middle of a breakdown, with tears streaming down my face after the bottled up emotions burst out of me. I didn’t want to tell my dad. I thought he would disown me. It took awhile (2 months) after coming out to my mom. He was driving me somewhere and we stopped at a light. I was daydreaming and in my own world. The light changed and he said, “Are you sure you’re into guys? You were definitely checking out that girl.” I had to explain that I was just spacing out. It would about five years later, when I was in a serious relationship with a guy, that it seemed he finally realized and even accepted that I was gay.
I came out as gay before I came out as a Witch. Witchcraft helped me become comfortable with my sexuality. Witchcraft saved my life and found me on a day I wanted to die. I came out as a Witch a year later. It’s odd to come out of the broom closet to Christians to this day. Both of my parents don’t get that I am a Witch. Often I’m met with belittling jokes and humor rather than love and trust. In some ways, it’s easier to come out as gay than it is to be a Witch and vice-versa.
Christopher Penczak and Raven Digitalis opened my eyes to male Witchcraft, I studied their books and learned the ways of magick and acceptance. I found my spirituality.
My advice to fellow LGBT+ Witches is to trust your truest friend. Trust in them to be the person you come out to- dip your toe in the water. For family: trust yourself. No matter what you have your own power.
If you are a masculine Witch put on heels for a second or two because the feminine energies you are denying have a lot of power that will balance out your overall energy. You aren’t going to have as much balance if you don’t especially in certain spells.
Gods/Goddesses who have supported me were faceless at first (because they were gender neutral) or blindfolded like Fortuna and the Horned God.
Being gay influences my religion; it broadens perspectives and it keeps me open to different ways and ideas.

Recommended places to practice in Spokane: Manito, Finch Arboretum, Minnehaha, cemeteries and the falls.


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