SWIA: Finding Your Acti-vision

You’re a Witch.
At some point, you have to decide whether you stay or leave the broom closet.
If you choose to leave it you open the door to… what, exactly? What are you afraid of?

Witches are given a unique opportunity to relate to other marginalized groups of people. As a Witch, you probably call the Quarters. You ask Watchtowers, associated with four elements, to protect and observe your rites. Many Witches associate a Goddess with Earth and vegetation, and a God with Animal and Human life.

If you don’t see the ways in which Witchcraft and Activism overlap try reading books or watching movies or listening to music outside your comfort zone. For recommendations leave a comment down below.

Now, as an activist, my question is what are doing about it?

There are little day-to-day things that make a huge difference:

  • Reusable bags, or at least paper ones when you go shopping.
  • Reusable coffee/tea mugs.
  • Buy bulk tea in one of your own containers instead of in the bags.
  • Spokane’s green bin lets you compost food scraps in paper bags
  • Read your recycling bin to ensure you are using it correctly
  • Keep your energy at a minimum; what lights should be off, should the TV be on?
  • Cold water is almost always more efficient than hot water
  • Avoid plastic, and straws, like the plague
  • If you live in Spokane you should attend free classes at Salish School of Spokane
  • Get your next familiar at a shelter or refuge like River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary (they also offer some incredible workshops on being an animal activist)
  • Volunteer or donate to local Pagans like Brigid’s Cloak Homeless Outreach
  • Support local gay bars like Nyne Bar and Bistro
  • Suppor the arts by going to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Terrain, or Spokane Arts and support local theatre like Civic Theatre

As a Witch… there is a whole lot more you can do.

  • There are many a Pagan book of healing. Have you tried applying any of those to the Elements? I regularly apply reiki to gardening and in my grounding and centering. I try to give a little healing energy back in my rituals to both deity and the elements.
  • Candle lighting. A powerful source of energy. I do it both when lives are lost in tragedies and when riots are occurring that I cannot personally attend. Intention is the key here. A candle can guide lost souls and send love and comfort to the families still here. It can also send energy to those rioters for you.
  • Chants and rituals for your cause. Raise energy, build energy and direct it. To marches, to protesters, or just back to the Earth for healing.
  • Be mindful of where you step when you do outdoor rituals (just bear in mind every time you step in nature you destroy a little bit of a natural ecosystem)
  • Seek out books of Witchcraft written by people of all walks of life (even if you aren’t gay Gay Wicca by Christopher Penczak has a lot of useful facts about Wicca I haven’t been able to find in any other book
  • Use your abilities to help people different than you (yes, casual racism applies to use of Craft and psychic abilities)

There are also other ways. Comment on this post for bindings, hexes and other more direct approaches to halting or stopping the things that piss you off.





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