Three Magickal Ways to Protect

The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Protection. The very backbone of magick itself. Within the first step of your sacred path, you are taught to protect yourself from outside influences in order to remain unaffected in your craftwork. We have wards and shields from top to bottom and side to side. We all do. Whether it’s a barrier of thought keeping harmful memories at bay. Or choosing to lay brick dust under the threshold of your home to keep harmful people out of your life.

We all understand the need for self-preservation, it’s what some argue to be the root of human nature. You probably have your own tried and true methods of keeping the horrible and horrific at bay but I would challenge those shields and walls with some magick of my own.

Every single shield and barrier has a way to render it useless. You know what it is as you create it. You feel your walls coming up around you when someone threatens your way of thinking or challenges your physical safety net. There will be an article in the future on the dissolving of barriers at a later date but for now, let us focus on making our shields tempered and clad in ethereal steel.

Here are my TOP THREE favorite spells or wards to encourage protection and its maintained presence allowing us the freedom to work without fear of discovery or violation.

Numbero One-O: A Game of Letters.

A game for the mind to block fear. When we walk to our cars late at night, there is a phobia instated by our news and police that influence how we do what we do when approaching our vehicles at the end of the shift.

“Never go to your car alone. Take someone with you.”

“Carpool whenever you can. It’s safer to travel in numbers.”

“Have you heard the news lately? More people are getting mugged on the streets after work.”

Your fear at this point has become the instrument of your insured destruction. The more you think of something or draw attention to it, the more power you are lending it. It’s almost as if you are asking for it. I am not saying that you are, or your intentions are for self-harm but from one witch to another: Yes you are. We all have heard the saying that, if you can think it you can do it.

Well – Stop asking for harm to come after you!

The Game of Letters is a simple nursery game that we have all done at one time or another. You choose a topic, like animals for this example, and start with the letter “A.” An animal that starts with the letter A, Adder. Adder ends with the letter R. An animal that starts with the letter R is Rat. Rat ends with T… So on and so on. You play this game all the way to your car or where ever you are going this evening and your fear seems to be on the outside of your mind. Thus, not working against you trying to conjure up an attacker after your gum or your wallet. Try it out the next time you think your fear may get the best of you.

Number Two: Get the Chalk

Using chalk to draw sigils or symbols that you feel grant your home protection is an excellent idea. Chalk will eventually fade same as any spell given enough time. It will wither or follow the dust to the soil. In the end, the goal is simple. Go out to the front door and flip over your welcome mat and get drawing. I understand that you aren’t all artist but the point is making it with your own hands. Granting the personal touch of you to make it work.

Every spell requires a formula to make any incantation or ritual or ceremony have purpose and intention to work. The formula is quite simple actually. Intention is the reason your personal touch is needed for the spell or magick you wish to use. Purpose is the need of the craft work or causation for the work in the first place. Craft being the vessel in which you cast; be it a spell or a meditation or astral projection etc.

Intention + Purpose + Craft = Magick

Now apply that to this spell of my making. Draw an eye under the welcome mat. The chalk should be the same color as your eyes. For Hazel use gray, for brown use red, for green use green, etc. In a circle around the eye write words that to you state your intention. For me I write the words:

“Those that seek to maim and harm

Cannot fix their gaze on my home.”

Encircle the words and eye in a white chalk line. The white stands as a symbolic color of purity. Meaning your intentions are from a pure place of self-preservation. Not in a form of selfishness but to create a safe house for those who seek refuge in your home. To finish the spell I would dash a few handfuls of an herb that you trust to protect you. Sandalwood, patchouli, sage, or anything else you feel covers it. Finishing with a slashing mark over the eye. This completes the spell, granting your home and all who dwell within a shroud of invisibility. Renew each time the chalk becomes compromised. Those who wish to disrupt your world cannot locate you. Unless of course, you let them find you in other ways.

In the end it’s just a ward. Try it out.

Numer Drei: Where is my Tigers Eye?!

What is your talisman? Your amulet against the darkness and forces of negativity that haunt your life as you read this. When was the last time you charged it with raw personal protective power? When was the last time you filled it with the love of someone special to you?

Every person I have ever met in my life has some kind of trinket that stands as a symbol of overwhelming protection. A cross for those in Christianity showing that God is their protector, or a wedding band to protect yourself from those wishing to take you home from the bar. Each of us has that something. We carry it with us when we go into battle, be it an interview or a courtroom or even the streets in a dangerous city we have no knowledge about.

What is that piece of yourself that you cherish? Find it. Hold it out in front of you and thank it for its protection. Remember that it has a power that all of us inherently understand as something personally sacred. It works as a talisman against harm.

When I say harm I mean: Mental harm, physical harm, emotional harm and spiritual harm.

If you notice it has lost its spark take it to the person you know loves you deeply and ask them to carry it for a day. Ask them to think of you as they hold it or see it. Ask them to think of the times they have shared and how those memories bind you to each other. This bond is something that has been at war with hate, bigotry, senseless violence and poverty. It is love. It really does protect us more often than we give it credit for.

Love banishes Hate.

Simple as that.





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