Goth Magick

“Dark does not mean evil. Nor does Goth. Nor does Witch.”
-Raven Digitalis, Goth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark Culture*


Do you ever stay up late to do a full or new moon ritual and feel safe and comfortable in the dark? Does the darkness of Night sing to your soul like the Sirens’ call to sailors? Does the Darkness empower you? Seduce you?

Goth magick is being able to see the beauty in darkness. It is using that darkness (and the fear/scariness of the dark) as a source of power and confidence (even without feeling like you have any). Goth magick uses personal energy and self-expression (and there are many types of goth, and many ways to express yourself). Raven Digitalis has sections of the various types of goth (I have considered myself a Fae Goth and a Gravor) in the book referenced above.

A lot of Goth people are already Witches or could pass as one. Goth people tend to appreciate nature and magick. Where the two intersect is that both often feel like “outcasts” or in an “alternative lifestyle.” Both Witches and Goths see the ritual and symbolism behind clothing as portraying their inner selves. Setting also tends to be important; like the location of the ritual, the ambiance and the feeling of mystery and darkness.

Everything is a secret in the darkness though upon examination the world is as clear as day. You have to search the darkness and use other senses which requires learning more about yourself and your own abilities. In the light, everything is easy and set in front of you. In the dark, you have to rely on other senses but no matter how much you look around the darkness is always a mystery, tricky, full of illusions and requires your instincts.

There are a lot of stigmas and stereotypes around goth culture and it is mostly negative. Look past the negativity of yourself and from others and understand and respect getting to know your Truth. Goth people tend to be more open to sex because it’s taboo. We’re interested in “off topics” because we see past what we consider the bullshit, phoniness, and limitations of normal societal traits. There’s more to life than following societal rules. Sex is healthy, beautiful, and fun. Men can wear skirts, women can wear pants. We don’t try to tell other people how to live their lives. We just live our lives by analyzing the whys and hows and often rejecting (personally) those things that society views as “normal” because often we don’t believe “normal” is even real.

Incorporate some Goth into your Craft:

  • Look at deities who make you uncomfortable. Gods and Goddesses of Death and the Night. Find deities who challenge you and reveal dark and scary sides of yourself.
  • Change your routine. Do your magick at night instead of the morning
  • Look at taboo topics and challenge them
  • Goths love drama–go all out for your next spell or ritual
  • Go out to a cemetery just to be. Meditate, leave an offering. Be comfortable with death.
  • Acknowledge the darker sides of the Elements. Water leads to the Gates of Death and it drowns, Earth buries, Air suffocates, Fire burns.
  • Darkness is perfect for building on your senses, both physical and your psychic abilities
  • There are tons of spells for the Nighttime


This is Daemon’s first contribution to the blog. The words are his but it was edited by Elizabeth Shaw. You can meet him in the Merry Meet series that came out February 6 and you can find him at group events with the Weavers of the Wisp coven.

*Editor’s Note: Seriously. Read this book. It’s super great.



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