A Ritual for February

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”
~RuPaul Charles


Element & Signs: Water and Spirit / Aquarius and Pisces

Themes: Purification, Renewal, Love, Compassion, Reflection, Dreaming, Transition, Self

Colors: Pinks, Violets, and Blues

Magicks: Love, Wealth, Enchantment, Dream Journey Work

Goddesses: Yemaya, Fortuna, Aphrodite

Gods: Eros, Ares, Pan

Stones & Herbs: Amethyst, Jasper, Rose Quartz / Ash, Rowan, Violets, and Primrose


Tis the season of love, as we all know. Shout out to those celebrating S.A.D. this lovey-dovey sickeningly sweet romantic day of February. We all have been there for the “Valentine’s” we would hand out and this is much like that to my readers. May you receive my Valentine with the same romanticism that this month *cough HALLMARK cough* has brought to us.

Some believe the reason for this is because the vibration that this month gives us is aligned through compassion and reminding those who survived the winter with us, that we love them. The first breaths of Spring can be felt as we watch the snow melt and the rains come. But this is a time to reflect on the self, more than anything else.

Ask some bigger questions that you may have stopped asking because you got comfortable with the way things are going. Think about the last time you felt pride in something you did for the sake of you. Or the last time you gave yourself a break from the constant self-hatred?

If you are one of the few who check-in regularly with yourself then this piece will be a bit boring for you. Taking a moment out of your day to focus on yourself and the needs you make for you, is not only good for your mental health and outlook but empowering for your craft work. The highest goal any witch is attempting to do with their craft is to discover more about themselves. It is NOT selfishness. No. It is learning about why the Goddess created you to be special for the world she loves. Preachy I know – but still.

Self-Love is one of the hardest things we face on a day to day basis. Think about it. You can be great and you can suck. Plain and simple. We have a way to inspire and change the way you think of yourself by being honest with your pros and cons.

February is a month focused on a few really large concepts that, once they are broken down, remind us that we are incredible people at the end of the day. February is meant to re-empower you. Remind you what you love about you that makes you feel invincible, loved, strong.

Because Aquarius and Pisces find their home in this month, let us take a closer look into those two signs and their meanings.

Aquarius is the water bearer but is considered an air sign. The water being present shows that the emotions that they carry with them cannot be ignored. Their feelings find ways into their words and action. Air is a projective/active element of thought and understanding.

Pisces is the twin fish who live symbolically connected to one another. This could be taken literally with the relationships they forge as eternal extensions of what makes them who they be. Or you can look at it as the relationship they have with themselves. Constantly hindering or supporting their own ideals and morals.

What I am finding of when looking at these two signs is something about the self that comes out screaming.

Feeling, emotion, and thought.

The combination of Water and Air has been a sacred union and opposition for centuries. The ritual I have come up with unifies this concept with the witch who does it. We are in constant states of duality and that is something we can all agree on. This duality comes through in our dreams. Our dreams tell us everything we are struggling with or neglecting in our life.

Tying this together with the elemental correspondence of February we get water. So let these recommendations for connecting with your waters of self, higher and current, reflect. Find reasons to be alone this season. Celebrate with your lover how you see fit but should they not be available: be alone and rejoice in the self!


Recommendations for connecting with WHO YOU ARE during this February:

  • A Fire Bath – Washing away old energies and thought patterns, while recharging the soul with needed heat and renewed energy. Draw a bath dropping in rosemary and rose petals. Find the number of candles necessary to symbolize each energy sucking vacuum you have created in your life. As the bath allows you to reflect (water draws up memory) on what is holding you back or not working in your favor any longer to be washed away. The warmth provided by the bath will recharge you. Light the candles representing your vacuum and extinguish them as you reflect on them throughout your bath. You will notice that the candles that remain lit at the end are the immediate concerns for what is blocking you from who you want to be.
  • A Shadow of Yemaya – This is a simple dedication to her that involves making a paper boat and sending your hopes out to sea. (If you live inland – find a river or lake) Make a boat out of a piece of paper that you write out your hopes for who you want to become in the future. Filling your hopes and dreams in the boat through symbols or objects. Sent it loose and walk away not looking back.
  • Having a Drink with Yourself – Set up a mirror that you can see yourself in perfectly. Pour yourself a drink and talk with yourself about what makes you hate yourself, love yourself, feel weird about yourself, want to hide from yourself. Set a shot aside for Baba Yaga to bless your approach to get to your authentic self. Cry with yourself, Support yourself, Scold yourself, Empower yourself.

In the end, I ask that you take the time to not only love the one you are with but yourself too. Find a moment this month to honor the accomplishments you have made, to remind yourself of your failures, and to forgive yourself for the short-comings you feel have been holding you back. The magick we create as witches is dependent upon a clear conscious and love for yourself. If we are feeling out of sorts or not quite balanced then taking a moment to clear up how you feel about this and that will give you a fighting chance at the rest of it.

Just a thought.



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