Pour One Out For What?

This is a stream of consciousness post. Meaning I sat down and typed. Perhaps if I read this before a glass of wine I fact-checked myself, if after that glass of wine maybe check my work before you act on it. Please comment here or on the Facebook page, give it a like, if you liked this and it will convince me to do more posts in this style. 

My coven and I are gathered under the full moon. We cast our circle, danced, prayed, and honored our gods. Now, we sit on and around a park bench sharing a bottle (literally passing it around or sharing out of a shared chalice) when one of us remembers to pour one out. Often we do it for thanks and to honor our gods. I know many people who use alcohol or food not only for thanks but as offerings.

As far back as Ancient Nubia humans have set aside something for sacrifice. The justification varies. Sacrifice for appeasement, thanks, or as a bargain. A lamb for a good harvest, for example. The Fae, in my personal experience, love a little bowl of my Fairy Nectar on Ostara and the years I didn’t make it for them… well, that’s another post.

The part I guess I think about so much is the thanks part. I think that’s the most significant part. Psychologists, within the past decade or so, started to look closer at the role gratitude has on our lives. One of the suggestions that came out of their studies to improve your life with gratitude was to keep a rock in your pocket (eliciting an audible guffaw from me) so that every time you touch it you can remember to count your blessings.

Psychologists and I are on the same page about the conditioning. You don’t just touch a rock in your pocket and immediately think about gratitude. You touch the rock, think “why is there a rock in my pocket?” and recall, “oh. Gratitude.” If you maintain this you condition yourself to touch the rock and be grateful. That will let that positive energy roll into your life.

Libations (to pour out a drink for deity)(deity is god/ess)(please stop being nervous to ask me for definitions I don’t want to call you out but I can feel you asking me without asking me when like, it’s all good). Ahem. Libations are a similar component. You can condition yourself to do them. In fact, that’s a groovy idea. If you call a deity for something you can get into the habit of offering them a bit of wine, or dairy, or whatever it is the deity likes. Same goes for a Fae problem. I don’t have many issues with the Fae but the couple instances I did have were resolved with an offering.

Think about it like this. Pagans often don’t just pray. Sometimes we do. But often we do spells (which are kind of like prayers but with an action attached to it) or a ritual/rite. But even a regular old prayer (I really like Raven Grimassi’s method of prayer it’s probably in The Witch’s Craft or a book with Witch and Craft in the title. I’ve had some wine. Also, you may think it strange to follow a formula to make a prayer and if you do tell me because that is definitely going to be a blog post) can benefit from the inclusion of a libation of some kind. In fact, that could do wonders for your relationship to the deity/entity and for your own mental health. You are actually being grateful or seeking out your desires in a sacrificial way which (as long as you aren’t overextending) can really make a difference.

Thankfulness and gratitude for life is a powerful thing.

One last thought on the power of thankfulness:

The state of vibrations. It’s a powerful place between potential and kinetic energy. There’s a moment when you are driving a manual transmission and one foot is on the clutch and the other is on the gas pedal and you are holding the two in balance before you commit and ¬†start driving. That moment where the hum is there and you can feel the tension is like the state of vibration. That state is one of the steps to astral projecting. And it can be tapped into in our day to day lives. Living in the present truly accepting your moment in the grand scheme of time and the universe and being grateful can open you up. It creates that state of vibrations that allows magick to come into your life like the fool standing on the cliff bag in hand… the moment before she steps into a new adventure.





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  1. Woods Wizard says:

    We have a friend who thinks she should be a Goddess and she is always after my mead, but she hates it when I pour it out! She wants to drink it – all of it! But dealing with the fae – they like dairy better, it seems, though I usually leave them milk and honey rather than butter – hope that doesn’t churn up any problems. They don’t like me sacrificing lambs. The Cailleach likes whiskey – I should have put out more on Imbolc, I guess. But then I like snow! Except when I have to trudge through crotch-deep snow to clean off my satellite dish. I don’t think I pray as much as I converse, but I am thankful that you are part of my life. Your stream of consciousness seems so more organized than mine but it really isn’t. Maybe, possibly. I need more wine!


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