SWIA: Travel Lightly

Our beautiful planet is dynamic. Every time we take a step we contribute to our planet’s transformation.

Take a step into some mud and you can see the physical evidence of this in the imprint left behind you. Right now as Spring awakens, and the rains fall, it is easy to see the changes. When you take a walk through a park at this time of the year little rivers are created in the snow and mud and sometimes large ponds are formed in hill valleys. It reminds me of the Wiccan Rede,

Where the rippling waters go cast a stone; the truth you’ll know. 

As you trudge on through mud and muck this spring bring some mindfulness with you. Stepping off the beaten path means venturing into pure and beautiful ecosystems that are now so fragile.

Traveling lightly also applies to our emotional and mental baggage. Many of us are simply exhausted after the start of the year that we have had. Spring, the Air season, is an active month. In preparation for its arrival, we have to take inventory of what we are carrying with us. So we can keep up rather than get left behind. What grievances, stresses, and other emotional bags are you carrying? Which ones can you do something about and which ones should be let go? Some of them can’t be resolved right now. They will eventually, but you have to learn to cope for just awhile longer. If you can’t either let it go or let something else go.

If you are having trouble keeping up, revisit the Ritual for February post on this site for some self-care tips. How can you save the planet if you are in need of saving? Take breaks, take time to relax, so that you can continue to wage war, fight battles, and spread love.


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