Merry Meet & Kitchen Witch 101

Where does Kitchen Witch stem from?

In the society and community that is Paganism and Wicca, there are a lot of “umbrella” groups. You can be an eclectic Pagan, you can be Gardenian, you can be Dianic, Shamanic, and much more. And under those, maybe you are an eclectic worshiper who specializes in stone craft, hearth craft, hedge craft, etc. One of the more prominent craft sources, that bleeds into other religions and is a great way to create, worship, uplift, and express is kitchen craft (or witchery if you follow the belief like myself).

What I am going to be touching on today is my specialty of this craft and how it applies to myself and my beliefs. This is by no means the only way, the ‘true’ way, and I am not someone who thinks that there is only one path. As with religion itself, the crafts involved within are similar and can be expressed with a wonderful give and take fashion. If you do not consider yourself a witch or have a belief in magick, but are still interested in the process, by all means, seek out that knowledge and apply it! That is what teaching and learning are about and those borders should never be set or closed.
To begin I’ll offer some background into myself, and why I want to teach and educate others on kitchen witchery. I have been practicing Paganism for five years now. Before that, I had my beliefs in nature and energies, in trusting and loving others and myself, and more; only to find out through my now fiancé that my beliefs were close to Pagan beliefs. I did my research, followed my Year-and-a-day, and was initiated. Upon my day of initiation, I declared to myself that I would be a kitchen witch. It was a powerful moment and a deep connection with myself. There are many reasons why I chose that path, but the biggest being, I could see the manifestation of my intentions through the foods, drinks, and other crafts I could make in the kitchen. This form of witchcraft is very tangible and, for those who enjoy cooking and creating, very rewarding.

A Kitchen Witch is someone who holds their sacred space in their kitchen. This is where they can be their most powerful and authentic self, where they can create, conjure, and manipulate their magick and energy into the many outlets of creation open to them. Many see this only through cooking, but it can be so much more. As with all forms of witchcraft, there are many different tools, spaces, symbols, and forms to practice as a kitchen witch. Without too much detail I would like to go into the basics that I found most helpful.

Tools and Space

Let’s start with your tools. As many Pagans will tell you, it is important to have a few essentials: your wand, your athame, your cauldron, and your pentacle. Now, for a kitchen witch these can be many different things. Your cauldron for instance could be a tea kettle, or maybe yours is a Kitchen Aid standing mixer! Personally, I have an antique stirring spoon (wand), a large cutting knife (athame), a deep sauce pot (cauldron), and soon a wooden cutting board with my Pentacle. These are the normal tools for a witch to start, and are completely open to your preference and choice. Take the time to shop around, or maybe you are the type to be crafty and make your own! Feel it out, and make that choice when you are ready.

Once you have your tools, it is time to make our space yours! In your kitchen, you are likely to have a corner space on your counter, maybe a shelf between two cabinets, or maybe even an island that you roll into a crevice. Find the spot that to you is the most powerful personally, and make this your altar. Mine is still in the process of coming together and once I get the shelf installed I will make another article covering how I consecrate and set up my kitchen/home altar.

The Work

So you have your tools, you have your space. The rest is up to you! A kitchen witch is someone who, when creating in their kitchen, imbues that product with their energy, intention, and magick. You take that product that you are molding into creation, and you fill it with energy (joyful energy, for example). By focusing on it, and I will go into how to do this sort of energy work in a later article, and by being what you want others to feel through the food, you are naturally using it as a medium. You can make bread and while you are sifting the dry ingredients, can be thinking of things that bring you happiness, or a sense of love, even anger if you wanted to take it down a different emotional branch, and it will carry over into those ingredients. When it is done, you and/or others will eat it, and those feelings will show through the food and will have others absorbing that into themselves.

On a simple level, say you are making your first dinner for the person you want to be with. You’ve been on a few dates, you’ve maybe kissed or maybe only thought of it so far. You work hard on the meal to really impress them, feelings of excited passion and nervous flutters flood you while you’re cooking. You both sit down to eat, and with each bite, you notice those feelings are still there, and the room comes alive with that excitement. That is what a kitchen witch does, we imbue others and ourselves with the effort and energy we put into our products. It is what brings us completion and belief in our craft and religion. Just as a hedge witch has their garden, we have our stove.

Ben Yesland

This is Ben’s first post for this blog.


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