Fools and Tricksters

Iconic tricksters are the trouble-makers. Certainly, when you think of a trickster, there is at least one deity that comes to mind. The god is probably a he and you can think of a handful of other gods and mortals that are or have been annoyed him. And yet, he is a god, and worthy of respect. Loki birthed a daughter (yes, he birthed a daughter himself) in a series of unfortunate events. His daughter would empathize with the poor souls who couldn’t go to Valhalla and she became their queen. He was ultimately an inventor though he inevitably pissed off countless people in the process of making one of his tricks-turned-inventions.

Most versions of the Wiccan Rede include the line, “With a fool no season spend/Or be counted as his friend.” Yet the 0 in a tarot deck is a fool.  The fool is a gender neutral person with a sack on their shoulder and a dog at their feet as they are about to step over a cliff. This represents the beginning of a journey or adventure. The fool has no earthly obsessions that tie them down. There is a magickal perspective that can alter our perception of time that I happily call several things: The Mind of the Divine, Following Fate, The Path to Destiny. This is not astral projection. This is a way of living day to day. Anyone can access it though it’s harder for some than others. This is the mentality the Fool lives in. No goals, no wishes, no regret, no guilt. Living each moment as it comes. A friend could text you asking if you wanted to get a drink, at the last minute, and you have no reason to say no. This is the Way of the Fool. Acceptance of the last minute, the spontaneous, risk-taking.

Tricksters and Fools have their own stigmas but are not malevolent. The trickster’s inventions benefit gods and mortals in the end of the tale. Both are often selfish or self-centered but that’s not always a bad thing. It is harder to have a relationship with fools and tricksters because relationships often prevent/limit/obstruct their ability to stay in their frame of mind. There’s no point in setting rules because that will only push Fools away more. Rules (more often than not) prevent them from their way of life, their sense of time.

Fools and Tricksters can be infuriating and they can appear in your life in both magickal and mundane ways. Fae, gods, and people can carry these energies within them and are ready to piss you off– the price you must pay for whatever invention or goodness they carry with them. So how do you stick it out long enough to reap the reward?

Grounding. Old fashioned grounding. Keep yourself centered and connected to the Earth. If you can’t be on the trickster or fool’s level (and cut all of your earthly ties to drift about or get into some mischief) you have to counter the energy by digging your roots into the Earth beneath you. Make like a tree and accept whatever happens. Trees are grounded and rooted and accept whatever happens– come what may. Lastly, even if you can’t live in the Way of the Fool, you should still travel lightly.

Tricksters: Loki/Maui/Coyote/Hermes (to some degree)/Pan


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  1. Woods Wizard says:

    Manannon and my favorite:Kokopelli!


  2. I like this so much more than I thought I would. Thank you for writing a piece that really tells it like it is and how helpful, or in some cases chaotic-ly unhelpful, these Gods/Goddesses can be.


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