Water Basics: An Exercise

Imagine it’s Autumn and dusk. The veil between worlds is thinning and there is a crispness to the air that gives you chills. You feel alive, even more-so because you’re surrounded by the dead. Spirits and shadow jumpers have taken the thinning veil as an opportunity to revisit this plane of existence. Flora and fauna are preparing for hibernation if they haven’t begun already. Things are dying, as the Wheel is turning, preparing for the dead of Winter and time of Earth. This is the time of Water.

Though the time associated with water is dusk, and the season is Autumn, that does not mean you cannot honor the element at other times of the day or that you should only honor the element during that one season per year. Associations are taught at the beginning stages of learning Witchcraft in order to ensure accuracy. You don’t have to do a love spell on Beltane, you can do one anytime. There are just times that will provide energy to aid your magick. If you are trying to tap into carnal sex energy, Beltane carries that energy within it and can only aid your magick in powerful ways. I prefer to astral project or do any form of divination at dusk when the veil is thin and it is the time of Water, the element of intuition. That does not mean I haven’t woken up at dawn and gone to my scrying bowl. I’m using Water as my example but the same thing applies to the other elements. I don’t always meditate at midnight, I don’t always chant/sing/pray at dawn, and I don’t stop everything I’m doing at noon and build a bonfire (though I should; the workout from carrying logs around with me would be worth it in my opinion).

So at noon, on a Sunday, get yourself a large bowl (a mixing bowl is great). If you can choose a color, yellow is preferred for this activity, but use what you have. Fill the bowl with water between 1/2 way and 3/4 of the way full. Blindfold yourself, or have a friend/mentor/teacher do it for you. Take a moment touching the outside of the bowl. When ready, dip a hand in. Feel the water. The temperature, the fluidity, the mass. Lift it and pour it. Listen to the sound it makes as water hits water. Bring a cupful to your mouth and taste it. Feel it trickle down into your throat and through your body. Take the blindfold off and admire it. This is not about scrying, though if it happens it happens. It is about creating little waves. Take a moment to lift a wet hand and watch the drops fall into the center of the bowl–a physical representation of when a person casts magick. The person is the drop of water and the magick is the ripple effect. The magick comes out of the person hitting everything in its path and bouncing back to the center. This is the 3 fold law, this is the core of magick. This is Water. Emotions are similar.

I’m not going to share the second half of this exercise because it is deeply personal. Instead, I’m going to use the concepts of it and apply it to this bowl and the ripple effect I just described as a watered down version.

Your emotions can be a weapon. If you are unskilled with the weapon you can hurt yourself, and those you love around you. I usually use Anger as an example for this. You are angry. You believe it is uncontrollable. You feel it. And then you share it. With every person you meet you express your anger and the anger spreads. Soon, everyone is angry. Some know why others have no idea. You are the drop, and you rippled the energy out.

The trained Water Warrior knows that you only pull out your weapon when completely necessary. To protect, and sometimes to attack, in situations when the Warrior feels justified by their personal ethics. So how do you train?

Again, I’m not teaching that lesson. So, start out by feeling your emotion, acknowledge it, sit with it, meditate on it, determine whether it can be healthfully directed, and then let it go to the rivers of time. Always strive to let it go. More often than not in order to let go of an emotion, it is letting go of a person, too. Not always permanently, sometimes temporarily. It sounds like a short process, but it is different for everyone.




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