Merry Meet & Kitchen Witch 101

A Kitchen Witch is someone who holds their sacred space in their kitchen…Without too much detail I would like to go into the basics that I found most helpful.


SWIA: Cloud Watching

Each label has a cloud, and because each person contains within them multiple labels, several clouds hover above us all.

SWIA: Travel Lightly

Our beautiful planet is dynamic. Every time we take a step we contribute to our planet’s transformation. Take a step into some mud and you can see the physical evidence of this in the imprint left behind you. Right now as Spring awakens, and the rains fall, it is easy to see the changes. When you…

A Ritual for February

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”
~RuPaul Charles

Goth Magick

Do you ever stay up late to do a full or new moon ritual and feel safe and comfortable in the dark? Does the darkness of Night sing to your soul like the Sirens’ call to sailors? Does the Darkness empower you? Seduce you?

SWIA: Finding Your Acti-vision

You’re a Witch. At some point, you have to decide whether you stay or leave the broom closet. If you choose to leave it you open the door to… what, exactly? What are you afraid of? Witches are given a unique opportunity to relate to other marginalized groups of people. As a Witch, you probably call the…

Introducing Blogger, Wytcher!

This blog post introduces Wytcher, a local Spokane crystal witch who has been an admin for our Facebook page, and who will now contribute blog posts to our website. The Importance of Centering and Grounding by Wytcher  A trend I have noticed over the years, with every collection of witches I have encountered, is a…

Keep Fear in Mind for Samhain

Samhain is a celebration from Ireland that honors ancestors and connects Pagans to the world of spirits. There are versions of Samhain celebrated all over the world, Dia de los Muertos, is incredibly akin to Samhain. Both are strong ancestor holidays, they encourage lanterns or light to guide the dead, and both have a type of…

Last Lake Call!

Christina Lake, BC, Canada Summer is winding down and everyone is going to the lake before Fall brings the chill. 3 hours away from Spokane, WA, nestled in hills and surrounded by trees, resides one of the most beautiful lakes in our vicinity. If you are looking for a change from the often busy and…

The Power of Air and Earth

I can’t imagine what it would be like to stand next to Zeus on Mt. Olympus and admire Mother Gaia’s embrace around Earth below. We may not have a Mount with the same sacredness of Olympus, but here in Spokane we do have opportunities for a climb and a view. This year I have been commenting…

A Better Kind of Buzz

Bees are incredible creatures whose pollinating skills grant us the bountiful gifts of food and flora. Spiritual leaders like Starhawk, often site bees as a source of magickal power. It is said that beeswax candles are superior because they are the result of several creatures putting their energy and power into the same goal; something…