Local Spokane Information

Find Pagans in Spokane by going to http://www.spokanepagans.com

Places to go in Spokane:

  • Second Look Books (Cheap used books sometimes the have a great Pagan selection, sometimes they don’t. South Hill on 29th by Petco)
  • Wonders of the World (Crystals and other Pagan statuary and trinkets in the Flour Mill downtown)
  • Earthbound (Found in North Town)
  • Atticus (Coffee shop with an amazing lose-leaf tea selection. Found downtown)
  • World Market(On Division. They have a great seasonal selection that looks like the seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) without saying Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Lorien (Herbal store in the Perry district lower south hill. AMAZING for herbology!)
  • Liberty Park Florist (Next to Lorien’s if you want fresh plants or houseplants)
  • The Perry district is a lovely little district for Pagan spirituality. The Spoke Buddhist Temple is there and the herb store/florist
  • Recently discovered: Market Street up in Hillyard. Tons of antique shops you can find cauldrons, athames, and chalices at
  • To make your own shampoos, soaps, etc go to Green Castle Soaps.
  • Blue Moon Plant Nursery in the Sunset Boulevard area

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  1. Winter Wind says:

    I just wanted to say, that I attended the Witches Ball last night and had a great time. I met some ladies from Rathdrum, and truly enjoyed their company. Looking forward to next year!


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