Manito Park

Manito means “spirit of nature” and has undergone several transformations since the early 20th century.

Using a map of the park ( ), plan out a route for a meditative journey. The park still features some wilderness, but a lot of it has been thoughtfully planned out with symbolism behind most of the gardens.

Planning out a journey can be helpful if you are unfamiliar with the park, but if you have a sense of direction try going and letting yourself wonder, periodically asking yourself questions like:

Why did I arrive at this particular place?

What do I see if I open my heart to the nature around me?

Keep your eyes open for particular plants or animals you see on your journey.

Blessed be!

For the history lovers out there you can rent Manito Park: A Reflection of Spokane’s Past, a documentary based on the book by the same name, from your local Spokane Public Library.


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