Elizabeth Shaw

High Priestess and Ordained Minister, with over a decade of studying and reading everything she can find over Paganism and Witchcraft. She can often be found in the garden, making scented bath oils and salts, or writing rituals, spells, and poems. All rites, rituals, and meditations on this website are her original work.

Divination: Tarot, Oracle, Scrying, Runes ($15* for complete layout and reading)

Teaching the Craft: I get this a lot and after teaching, I have decided for my sanity and time the following layout for my lessons. The full time is One Year and A Day and total cost $185 broken down as follows:


  • Upfront: $100. This is for the first six months of initiate training. $1o/month, except for the 5th month (Phases of the Moon) wherein we will meet five times for lunar lessons.
  • Last Half/Initiation: $85. You’ve completed 1/2 of the year! This is the check-in. Pay the last little bit to confirm your Perfect Love & Perfect Trust in this path and once again 10/month, but the $25 is for the Initiation Ceremony and presence of High Priest and High Priestess.
  •  These lessons are currently unavailable for Craft Trading. The price does not include required readings, altar tools, or other supplies.

Services as High Priestess $50* per service

  • Hand-fasting
  • Hand-parting
  • Wiccanings
  • Coming of Age
  • Spiritual Healings
  • Home Banishing Rituals

Requiem Rites with either High Priestess, High Priest, or both, will be complementary. We will do everything we can to make this process seamless for the family during this time.

Please note that services with an (*) are worthy of Craft Trading meaning you can trade for the service you would like with some skill you possess of equivalent value.