Wytcher, Caster of Stones

Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church as of June 15, 2016
Wytcher has been practicing within the community of Paganism/Wicca since 2008 and has been apart of the craft since 1998. Wytcher’s focus within Magick is around crystal magick and its applications with healing but is not limited to just this. Areas of magick known well include and are not limited to: Divination, healing, dream interpretation, scrying, journeying, ceremony and more. Wytcher is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church as of June 15, 2016.
Services offered:
$10 per lesson “Lessons in Witchcraft” – A chance to gain skills in areas of magick to adapt to or incorporate into your abundant craft base. Areas of Magick: Tasseomancy, Dowsing, Healing Crafts, Hexes (how to cast and how to break), Elemental Influences, Planetary Influences, Scrying, Dream Craft, Weather Interpretation, Syncing to the Sun, Candle Magick
~$185 Total “Year-And-A-Day” 366 day mentorship in Paganism/Wicca condensed into Two Hours per Week for 53 Weeks – Choosing one day a week to come to class learning about paganism/wicca through history, craft, sabbats, esbats, equinox, and meditation. Honing your dormant skills and gifts into a seasoned practitioner of the secret arts in time for your initiation. Payments: $100 up front non-refundable. This cost covers the first six months and acts as your dedication to learning the craft. At the start of the seventh month comes the “Moment of Transition” where we reassess whether or not to continue the teaching. Should we choose to continue the payment of $60 covers the last six months. At the end of the year and a day one can opt out of an initiation rite to be performed welcoming them into the fold of Paganism/Wicca. Or paying a service fee of $25 to have the rite performed with a Ordained High Priest and High Priestess present as well as witnesses to your rite.
$10 Crystal Gazing
Services as High Priest:
  • Hand-fasting
  • Hand-parting
  • Wiccanings
  • Coming of Age
  • Spiritual Healings
  • Home Banishing Rituals

$50 per service

Requiem Rites with either High Priestess, High Priest, or both, will be complementary. We will do everything we can to make this process seamless for the family during this time.